Fall Landscapes and Hardscapes


Did you know fall is actually the best season to plant many trees, shrubs and hardy perennials.

Fall is a time of rejuvenation in the garden. The cooler temperatures reduce plant stress and are ideal for root growth, allowing newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials to quickly establish. 

It is an interesting fact that plants can develop roots as long as soil temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This includes much of the fall and winter months throughout the south, which means plants installed in autumn have several months of active root growth during the dormant season. When warmer temperatures arrive in the spring, plants put their energy into growth – rather than setting root – and get a good hold before the heat of summer returns.

Fall-Specific Plantings

Boxwood, maple, and chrysanthemums are all popular in Fall landscaping. If you want colorful Fall plants to last longer and consume less water, ask us about best options. This season, you can try arranging these Autumn classics in clean, simple, and contemporary groupings throughout your landscape.

Accent Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners are increasingly turning to lighting-focused landscape design that allows them to enjoy outdoor living at all hours. Proper lighting is particularly important during Fall and Winter’s shorter days. Accent lighting also ensures that children’s play areas are well lit, and walkways are safe and accessible.

Unique Hardscapes

Low-maintenance, durable materials are coming to the forefront of modern landscape design. Hardscapes are a popular trend due to their ability to open up your backyard for more focused entertaining and enjoyment. Furthermore, they keep people outside and provides less maintenance and easy cleanup.

LGD has the knowledge, and staff to make your lawn and garden ideas into a reality. Our experienced installers can help you create the home you have always wanted and deserved. 

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Colin Casey