Level Billing FAQ

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  1. Where do I get my invoices from? 
    A receipt will automatically be sent to your email the first of every month

  2. What is Auto-pay?
     Automatic payment for services rendered to a credit card of you choice

  3. What are the benefits of Level billing and Auto-pay?
    The level billing system averages your bill to be the same amount every month throughout the entire year. No more fluctuations between the summer and winter months, which will help you better budget for your landscaping needs. Your monthly amount is based on the number of visits per year, services selected, size of your property, and other possible factors. That amount will be auto-drafted from a credit card or debit card of your choice. 

  4. How do I sent up auto pay?
    By filling out the auto bill form attached to our Docu-sign email or contacting our offices 

  5. When will my first auto payment be withdrawn?
    The 1st of the month after you have completed signing up 

  6. Will the monthly amount of my Invoice change?
    No it will remain the same amount throughout the entire contract

  7. How do I switch billing contacts or credit card on file 
    By contacting our office via Email/website or phone

  8. Will the date of my bill be the same each month?

  9. What cards are acceptable?
    All major credit or debt cards, VISA MASTER-CARD, AMEX, DISCOVER

  10. What if there is a problem with my billing? Will you notify me?
    Yes someone will contact you if there is any billing issue