Celebrate Smart Irrigation


The Irrigation Association (IA) is promoting Smart Irrigation Month in July to help recognize and promote the benefits associated with smart and efficient irrigation.

At LGD, we practice and encourage Smart Irrigation all season long with proper irrigation installation and maintenance, plus efficient irrigation designs. Water management is a vital component to the health and appearance of your property. If not done correctly, you cannot only waste time, money, and water; but, you can damage your lawn and garden, which can lead to further costs. That is why an effective and efficient irrigation system installed by professionals is the best solution. 

New Smart irrigation Systems can include these best practices:

  • Placing sprinklers into efficient watering zones, with minimal overlap and no spaces between the water dispersion.

  • Minimal use of pipe in lawns, with as few connections as possible (connections can be a source of leaks).

  • The watering zones are designed to operate at optimal pressure and flow rate – delivering the perfect amount of water to your landscape/turf – not too much, not too little.

  • Rain sensors are placed into each irrigation system, so lawns are only watered when they need it – thus saving water.

As licensed irrigation contractors, LGD can diagnosis your watering needs and ensure that you have the best solutions for your property and budget. Our installation experts can create and install an entirely new system that suits your property’s unique needs. 

Colin Casey