Get Inspired and Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space

Is your outdoor living space in need of a makeover? Do you look at your patio and cringe every time you dream of inviting your friends over for a backyard barbecue?

Whether you have a spacious yard or small patio, there are solutions for turning that drab outdoor area into a fabulous spot for your family and friends to enjoy. 

Here are some effective solutions we can provide to transform your property this summer.

Trim back or remove overgrown landscape. Opt for shorter, native plants that provide a more natural landscape  and let the light in to keep grass healthy.


Reduce standing water. Level your yard, and add fill in low places and install subsurface drainage to effectively flush water away.


Use aggregate to create pathways and outlines in your landscape design. Gravel reduces upkeep for maintenance. On top of that, most rock-covered areas are built to provide effective drainage.


Repair or renew your patio. From pavers to stone, we can install that perfect patio space for all your needs.


Install a Pergola. Adding a pergola to your outdoor living space can help define your patio and “hangout zone” from the rest of your backyard. It can lend your space more privacy, shade, and shelter.


Install outdoor Lighting. The easiest way to dress up your outdoor living space and still make a big impact is with lighting. There are many options to choose from depending on your space and your style. String lights work really well for small patios, but look great in any outdoor space.

We can accomplish this for you by using several lighting techniques, such as:

  • Directional lighting

  • Spread lighting

  • Spot lighting

  • Wall lighting 

  • Path lighting

  • And more


Get the most out of your summer this year.

Call us to discuss your ideas for that perfect backyard oasis.

Our Installation Division is comprised of highly skilled professionals that are experienced in all aspects of landscaping and hardscaping projects. We pride ourselves on building long-standing relationships with other contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors so we can ensure successful completion of multi-phased or multi-faceted projects.  We are fully equipped to handle jobs of any size or complexity, and we are dedicated to doing so in an exemplary fashion and a timely manner. 

Watch our videos to preview more samples of our work.

Colin Casey