Irrigation & Drainage




Irrigation Installation and Subsurface Drainage

Water management is a vital component to the health and appearance of your property. If not done correctly, you cannot only waste time, money, and water; but, you can damage your lawn and garden, which can lead to further costs. That is why an effective and efficient irrigation system installed by professionals is the best solution. In addition, you may need a subsurface drainage solution if water is pooling in your yard and standing water is a problem. We can grade your yard and install drainage to move water effectively.

As licensed irrigation contractors, LGD can diagnosis your watering needs and ensure that you have the best solutions for your property and budget. Our installation experts can create and install an entirely new system that suits your property’s unique needs. 

We can also provide a full evaluation of an existing irrigation systems and can rework, revamp, or upgrade the existing system to ensure full operation and coverage of your property. We specialize in all irrigation products and systems including:

  • In-ground installation

  • Above-ground sprinklers

  • Rain Sensors

LGD has the equipment, knowledge, and staff to make your lawn and garden ideas into a reality. Our experienced installers can help you create the home you have always wanted and deserved. Not only is quality landscaping a great investment for curb appeal, but, according to The Appraisal Institute, it can add 6 to 13 percent to your home’s value. 

Our Installation Division is comprised of highly skilled professionals that are experienced in all aspects of landscaping and hardscaping projects. We pride ourselves on building long-standing relationships with other contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors so we can ensure successful completion of multi-phased or multi-faceted projects.  We are fully equipped to handle jobs of any size or complexity, and we are dedicated to doing so in an exemplary fashion and a timely manner. 

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