Spring Landscape Ideas to Refresh your Yard


So you have been looking through social media and seeing pictures of beautiful Spring gardens, lush landscapes and amazing outdoor spaces. Well now is the time for you to jump in and plan your Spring landscape refresh. 

What is it that you desire for the look of your whole landscape this year? One thing is certain, taking time and effort to improve the appearance of your landscape will not only bring you joy, but also the added value to your home’s curb appeal. 

LGD has the equipment, knowledge, and staff to make your lawn and garden ideas into a reality. Our experienced installers can help you create the home you have always wanted and deserved. Not only is quality landscaping a great investment for curb appeal, but, according to The Appraisal Institute, it can add 6 to 13 percent to your home’s value. 

Have you considered the benefits of creating more outdoor living space by hardscaping a portion of your yard? Incorporating different shades and textures of hardscape materials can accentuate some subtle features of your home and add a surprising look of elegance. 


Do you need more structure in your garden design? Add flowering shrubs to break up the landscape. Many landscapes just need a little infusion of color. Spring flowering shrubs offer you an easy way to add beauty and contrasting colors.

Also accentuate your garden bed border with floral ground covers. Big shrubs that add visual interest in the summer offer little visual appeal coming out of winter and into spring. One simple way to perk up large beds is to add low, creeping spring ground covers to the front of beds, infusing the garden with color. 

And don’t forget to about irrigation to help maintain your yard and garden all year long. Water management is a vital component to the health and appearance of your property. 

So let us spring into action and refresh your yard and garden. As a licensed, full-service landscaping company LGD is equipped to fit all your outdoor landscaping needs. From our comprehensive maintenance plans to complete landscape installation, LGD is committed to providing the highest quality customer service while using the highest quality products and equipment.

Contact LGD today for all your Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Needs.

Colin Casey